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I'm always a bit worried when I have a new sexual partner in my pussy tends to be very wet.... and when I run... I have to inject. Most kids love, but I think it can be a bit of a shock if you've never had a woman before spraying. Last night I felt very hot so finding a playmate online, I keep a couple of guys and I knew that one would be fun. Stuart was on the line, which is a little shy, but loves it when I talk dirty to him in milffox the Messenger, and lives very close, so tempting for him to put a lot of fun. soon became very milffox hot and humid that I mentioned how he felt my pussy, I said I wanted to feel, so that was my invite. Now, just to make a long story short, he agreed, and an hour later, knocked on the door. I was so nervous, poor thing, but I gave him a drink and we sat chatting on the couch, although he seemed to see my nipples through my thin black blouse was known, and my pussy was naked under milffox my s vibrantKirt at the thought of what was to come. have We kissed, his hands approached my tits, pinching my nipples, sending a milffox torrent of juice from my pussy. He dropped his hands to my thighs and my legs a little to accommodate the fingers probing. When he took my juicy lips, let out a sigh as he slid his fingers gently to me. I slid the couch for a better access... his tongue exploring my mouth now.. then moved to my nipples through thin blouse suck.. all the time in my pussy with his fingers.... Now hear the click, as I was wetter and wetter. did not bother to remove my skirt... He pushed it up to my waist and my legs all the... He knelt on the floor legs hooked over his shoulders and started licking my pussy. I was in heaven... my juices dripping from my ass crack and licked his fingers and his tongue slips back into me, as it did. I need like milffox a bitch, milffox I've watched had pulled her blouse, so I hung up my tits pinched and squeezed... skirt wrapped around my waste and spread my legs wide, as he completely sprayed on my pussy dripping. continued working three fingers in milffox and out of my hole while my clit nibbled and sucked... My body started cramping as my orgasm mounted... and I knew that my muscles were tight firm pussy with fingers..... closer to the walls of my vagina as I am contracted, became more and more intense... then... after what seemed an eternity, the lightest touch of his tongue on my clit butterflies sent me over the edge............ I screamed as my body went into spasm.... my pussy finger grip so tight... and then..... oh god... the release........ as my body spasmed again a flood of juice squirts all over her face with such force that it bounced back with a blow...... I could not stop.... I twisted around to beg me to stop typing, like spilling my juice never againacer them. However, away for a moment thought that he was informed of his..... But within seconds he had taken the shorts.... and without hesitation jumped watching his giant cock to the hilt and hit my pussy hard and repeatedly asked me to spray again..... as his cock fucked and fucked me I felt my second orgasm built.... and then I shot my juices, this time completely your penis and testicles.... Splash sound actually turned to him and he hit me harder and harder to hire a mighty shout, as he shot his load deep inside me... my juices dripping on his shaft and his balls. my rock, the sofa and the carpet was soaked..... so they were when he collapsed on the floor, but his hands never gave me pause for a second, while his fingers gently drummed cum pussy, as we huddled breath. Afer a while, went to the bathroom and returned with a stack of towels.... We put him on the floor and spend the rest of the night soaking milffox always wet, and cum over and over again. Thinking of him gently milffox to my pussy is always wet me again.....
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